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Do you want to work in the hospitality sector in The Netherlands? Would you like to be part of a professional team and develop your qualities as a Chef de partie?

38 - 40 horas por semana
1.900€ Al mes

Lo que vas a hacer

International Hospitality is an employment agency which helps you to develop yourself on an international level by offering work opportunities in the Netherlands. Because of our large list of clients, it is possible for us to offer a suitable job to all Chef de partie hospitality professionals. Long term or only for a season, we have something for everybody!

What do we offer?


  • Your provided salary is always equal to what Dutch workers earn according to the Dutch law and standards.
  • €13,02 per hour (gross) is the salary we offer to a first cook and chef de partie.
  • The minimum amount of hours you work per week will be 38. Based on this amount you get €494,76 per week gross, net this is €438,45 (*indication!). It is €2143,96/gross per month so it is approx. €1900/net!


* Tax rates vary depending on the total amount of worked hours and personal information such as date of birth.


  • You get 8 % of the gross salary as additional payment for holiday directly together with your weekly payment.
  • Your overtime will be paid according to the terms and conditions of the NBBU-CAO.



  • We will personally pick you up at the airport, welcome you to The Netherlands and bring you to your accommodation.
  • We provide accommodation which contains a furnished private room in a shared house, including washing facilities and internet access.
  • We provided information about the route that you have to travel from your house to your work and help you out with the transportation possibilities. We always try to accommodate you at a maximum of 45 minutes travel to your work.



  • As an EU citizen you don't need to have any work visa or permit to work in the Netherlands. We arrange the appointment for your BSN number (social security number) which makes it possible to pay your taxes the Netherlands. You can open a bank account here, but it's not a must.
  • We offer the possibility to rent a car with us for €50/week. When you share this care, you share these costs.
  • We arrange the health insurance for you, this will be deducted from your salary (€24,60/week)
  • The employment contract will be signed online before traveling.


We can only employ people from within the EU (identity) and people who speak proper English.

Qué ofrecemos

  • Attractive salary
  • Accommodation
  • Transport

Qué es lo que pedimos

  • Sin estudios mínimos requeridos
  • English
  • EU Nationals
  • Experience in the sector is required


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Información extra

Estudios requeridos
Universidad, Módulo de grado medio, Módulo de grado superior, E.S.O, Máster, Bachillerato, Otros
Nacional (Toda España)
Horas a la semana
38 - 40
Tipo de contrato
Trabajo de verano, Trabajo estudiantes, Contrato temporal a tiempo completo
1.900€ Al mes
Responsable de
Tipo de trabajo
Carnet de conducir
Carta de motivación
Inglés, Español

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