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Service Manager en Madrid

Descripción del empleo

Being an innovative bank is just possible if everyperson working within ING is a real innovator. This is how we are now, a 1100 professionals bank, 1100 ways of thinkingand improving every day.

However, we share a mindset and a way of working,based on the behaviours and values that make us grow personally each day.

We offer you to be part of a highly professional andengaged team, that works everyday as the keyengine for ING’s growth and success.

This is why we offer you the latest technologicalprogresses, to make easier and better not only your day to day, but also thepeople who trust us.

We offer a permanentand full time contract within the ITdepartment.

Responsibilities and necessary skills:


·        Operation Process manager:

o   Event management

o   Incident management

o   Request Fulfillment

o   Problemmanagement

o   Changemanagement

o   Deploymentmanagement

o   Incidentresolution process communication management



o   Ensuring theprocess is executed appropriately at each described step.

o   Ensuring theappropriate inputs/outputs are being produced

o   Guiding processpractitioners (those moving through the process appropriately)

o   Analyze, propose,producing and monitoring process KPI reports

o   ContinualProcess Improvement efforts


·         Service Levelmanager:

Formulates andagrees with an appropriate Service Level Management structure for theorganization, to include:


o   OperationalLevel Agreements with the Service Provider

o   Third PartySupplier / Contract Management relationships to the Service Level ManagementProcess (SLM)

o   Accommodatingany existing Service Improvement Plans / Programs within the SLM process

o   Negotiates andagrees with the Service Level Agreements with the Customer.

o   Negotiates andagrees with the Operational Level Agreements with the Service Provider.

o   Negotiates andagrees with both the Customer and Service Provider any Service LevelRequirements for any proposed new / developing services.

o   Analyses andreviews Service Performance against the SLAs and OLAs.

o   Organizes andmaintains the regular Service Level review process with both the IT Customerand Service Provider which covers:


·        Reviewoutstanding actions from previous Reviews;
·        CurrentPerformance;
·        Reviews ServiceLevels and targets (where necessary);
·        Reviewsunderpinning agreements and OLAs as necessary
·        Agree withappropriate actions to maintain / improve Service Levels.
·        Initiates anyactions required to maintain or improve Service Levels

o   Conducts periodicreviews of the entire Service Level Management Process and negotiates, agreeswith and controls any amendments necessary.

o   Ensures thatappropriate changes are assessed for their impact on service levels.

 Meetings and ceremonies

·        CAB

o   Manageand tracing RFCs

o   Supervisiontask assignment by squad

o   Signaturesachievement

o   Documentalmanagement: Acts confection

·        DVLCAB

o   Manageand tracing RFCs

o   Supervisiontask assignment by squad

o   Signaturesachievement

o   Documentalmanagement: Acts confection

·        ECAB/unplannedchanges

o   Manageand tracing RFCs

o   Priorizationand Supervision task assignment by squad

o   Signaturesachievement

o   Documentalmanagement: Acts confection

·        WeeklyService managers improving sessions

·        Servicemanagers dailies

·        SuppliersFollow-up meetings



Major Incidents

·        Try to restore normalservice operation as quickly as possible and minimize the adverse impact onbusiness operations, thus ensuring that the agreed levels of service qualityare maintained.

·        Frequentcommunication of the progress and resolution of the incident: Insurance thatall stakeholders are included in communication plan

·        Warrantythe right incident detect and registration

·        Trancingand control major incidents: Impact detection and control, mitigation plancommunications…

·        Outageregister

·        Meetingsand reports (Postmortem and EMIR): including postmortem with action plan withtasks by squad to fix root cause.




·        Controland manage Incident control Team operations

·        Controland monitoring of incident/request/problems flows

·        Dispatchingand manage incidents by squad: supervision of this task assigned incidentcontroller team

·        Categorizationor re-categorization: supervision of this task assigned incident controllerteam

·        Tracingand following important incidents (included in major incident management)



  • Reporting BAU of E2E OSD Tribe: Incidents, requests, PDS, iRisk, RFCs, PRBs …

  • Studies and analysis of BAU tendencies

  • Backlog supervision OSD Tribe

  • BAU Demand and Capability management

  • Executives reports: month, trimestral and annual reports

  • Reports:

o   CSL

o   Availability

o   KRIs

o   Provider´sSLAs



·        SPOC

o   Incidences

o   Problems

o   Changes

o   Requests

o   Assets

·        ReportingBAU of E2E OSD Tribe

·        Drivers ContinualProcess Improvement

·        Controland management of RFCs scheduler


Providers’ management

·        Contractmanagement:

o   Scopes

o   Dealingand following of KPIs/SLAs

o   Problems/conflictsmanagements

o   Changes

o   Renewals

o   Periodicalmeetings

·        Reportsfollow up

·        Driving ContinualProcess Improving

·        Insurancethe Capacity and availability management in service providers contracts



Personal Skills

·        Bachelorsdegree or superiors studies

·        At less 2-3years of experience in similar profile in banking environment

·        Excellencecommunication skills

·        DomainEnglish language at level B1-B2

·        Proactive

·        Responsible

·        Involved

·        Empathic

·        Focused

·        Resolver

·        Teamplayer



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