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Freelancer para realización de encuestas en Barcelona

Hello from BeYou app! we are a Health and wellness application developer. We are working with the European Union and other institutes in Belgium and Poland to developing a unique mobile application for health coaching using latest technology development. We are looking for a student who can join our project on a part time basis to conduct qualitative research interview to understanding the needs, problem and goals of both health coaches & consumers in Spain. Questionnaire will be provided by our company

Lo que vas a hacer

Tasks are summarised here below:

  • Find Dieticians/Nutritionists in the different cities of Spain: (Barcelona, Madrid, Galicia, Murcia, Sevilla) willing to do the interview. 5 interviews in each city, total = 25 interviews
  • Contact potential users in the different cities of Spain: (Barcelona, Madrid, Galicia, Murcia, Sevilla) willing to complete the interview: 5 interviews in each city = 25 interviews
  • The Dieticians/Nutritionists and users will be compensated for the interviews, which makes the job easier by convincing them to do the interview with you!

Qué ofrecemos:

  • we will pay the full cost to travel ( ticket/ hotel/food ) to travel to each city, we will pay you a 50 euros for each interview.
  • which means if you do 50 interviews in total, you can gain 2500 euros in total

Qué es lo que pedimos

  • formación marketing
  • no es necesario tener experiencia previa
  • Completely fluent in both Spanish and English
  • willingness to travel in Spain
  • immediate availability
  • Design thinking students
  • qualitative research
  • statistics
  • data analysis

Información extra

Estudios requeridos
E.S.O, Bachillerato, Módulo de grado medio, Módulo de grado superior, Universidad, Máster, Otros
Horas a la semana
40 - 40
Tipo de contrato
Contrato temporal a tiempo completo
Entre 2,000.00€ y 2,500.00€ por hora
Responsable de
Tipo de trabajo
Comercial / Ventas, Atención a clientes, Promociones / Eventos / Ferias
Carnet de conducir
Carta de motivación
Inglés, Español

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