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At ING we are looking for… 



Your role and work environment: 


We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic Feature Engineer to join ING 


Your key responsibilities: 


As an experienced Feature Engineer, your aim will be:  


  • Provide knowledge, vision and structure to help find solutions to programs or complex IT environments 

  • Define and collaborate with IT strategy 

  • Refine technical solution directions and technical dependencies drafted in the Epic in coordination with the Enterprise Architect, the Domain Architect and relevant Squad members and IT Chapter lead, using his/her in-depth IT/application knowledge. 

  • Verify the extent to which the realized Feature works as designed. He/she facilitates Feature planning, cooperation between Squads and the Tribe Team (if any) and Feature delivery; herewith maintaining close relationship with (business) counterpart(s) 

  • Create roadmaps and contribute to the strategy of the assets with an IT perspective to major transformations or complex changes 

  • Guide the squads to find the best solution according to the IT strategy and listening to tribe needs, prioritizing epics and features 

  • Help align and resolve dependencies between squads 

  • Help prepare the QBR and Market Places 

  • Maintain contact with various stakeholders on all levels of the ING organisation, works together with them to achieve the purpose.  

  • Is the driving force to determine which trends are relevant for the bank 

  • Is a go-to person in specific areas of knowledge and for engineers even from other disciplines  

  • Define IT solution translating epic into features to be developed by software engineers, helping them to understand dependencies and works with domain architect  


What are we looking for? 


A person with a clear strategic vision of the bank and objectives of IT 


You must know and understand the technology strategy applied to the tribe assets or products 


Working knowledge as software engineer, architect or similar position with tech background  


High knowledge of the infrastructure and IT assets of the 

tribe domain 


Skills to Influence and Manage Stake Holders 


Works and acts rapidly based on intuition, instead of reasoning step-by-step;  


Knows the difference between important and less important details 


A person flexible and adaptable, capable of facing uncertainty, acquiring knowledge in various disciplines and updating it as often as necessary 


Assertive Person, able to communicate clearly and directly, but adequately 


Experience in refining and designing features, challenge and advise Product Owners on feature dependencies and priorities 


Finance knowledge: interested in/worked with Finance processes like Funds, Pension Plans, Broker and Investment advising tools 


Experience with the Agile way of working 


Fluent English 


Experience in language programming: Java, Spring, Docker, Javascript, Openshift 


Experience with design tools: Rational Rose, UML, etc. 


Experience designing and developing solutions in Microservices Architectures 

Deep background in event production and consumption (RabbitMQ, Kafka…). 








What do we offer? 


The time you spend at work, the challenges you face or the lessons you get are very important, but… What about your personal life? At ING we want your work to fulfill you in every way, and that is why we take care of even the smallest details. 

Check out what is waiting for you! 


Flexible schedule and 100% flexible e-working. 

Work or e-work? We have a totally flexible model: keeping both our customers and your colleagues in mind, you can choose the one that best suits you all. 


Restaurant card. 

So that thinking about what to have for lunch doesn’t take up your time or your cravings.  


Our house will be your home. 

In our offices you can find electric mobility solutions, doctor, hairdresser, gym, urban orchard, The Good Service (to help you with your errands) and much more! 


Life insurance.  

We hope you don't need to use it! 


Health insurance. 

For you and all your family (spouse/partner and children). 


Flexible remuneration. 

In addition, you will enjoy our flexible remuneration model, through which you can access other services such as nursery, transport card, training aids… 


Free company shuttle.  

It doesn't matter where you live. We have 6 routes (North, Central, South, A5, A42 and A6) to get you to our ING office in Madrid comfortably. 


Banking benefits. 

Special loan or mortgage terms after 6 months working at the bank. 

And you can benefit from our pension plan after 2 years with us. 


More health, more sports. 

Runners club with your own trainer. 

Clinics with professional, world-class athletes. 

Physiotherapy service on site. 

Gympass service. 







Get to know Us 


We are a team of more than 1000 people sharing one idea: doing our bit in helping our clients create a better future for themselves, by providing them with the tools they need to get where they want to go. 


A fully online bank where technology, innovation, simplicity and transparency are the main ingredients, and the first one to work with agile methodologies.  


And although we are based in Spain, we are lucky to work with international and diverse teams every day across 44 countries.  


Making things happen, helping others be successful, always being one step ahead—that’s our DNA. If you look at yourself in the mirror and your reflection matches our way of being and working…we are looking forward to meeting you! 

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