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Senior Backend Engineer en Madrid

Descripción del empleo

This is Us. 


A team of more than one thousand people sharing an idea: doing our bit in helping our clients create a better future for themselves, providing them with the tools they need to get where they want to go. 

In today’s world, we know this happens because we are a fully online bank. We were born out of that idea and 20 years on, technology, simplicity and transparency continue to be the ingredients of the recipe that leaves the best taste in our mouths: being more than just a bank, someone useful in the lives of the millions of clients who have chosen us. 

The way we do things also mirrors our eagerness to innovate. We are proud to be one of the very first banks to work with agile methodologies. It doesn’t ring a bell yet? No worries, we will be delighted to tell you all about it. You will find it’s one of those things you’ll want to repeat over and over. 

And although we are based in Spain, we like to cross borders. We are lucky to work with international teams every day across 44 countries, composed of women and men as equal as they are diverse. Because here you are completely free to be who you want to be, love whomever you choose, and even go for pineapple as your pizza topping.  

Making things happen, helping others be successful, always being one step ahead—that’s our DNA. If you look at yourself in the mirror and your reflection matches our way of being and working…we are looking forward to meeting you! 



Your key responsibilities: 


As an experienced Software Engineer, your aim will be:  


To design, develop and test the code that will shape the different components of the application, ensuring that they meet the requirements of functionality, quality and performance.  

To deliver in Production a working software by giving the best use to technology and development practices. It includes the documentation and parameters that can help reaching that goal. To support Production by analysis and fixing any bugs that occurs. Contribute to improve the technical discipline by collaborating with the cross technical chapter. 

As an expert in the Backend area, you specifically add value on that technical layer but always keep in mind the rest of the technical stack as part of the Squad responsibilities. 


Your major responsibility areas: 


  • Stories Refinement. 

  • Coding. 

  • Backlog Management. 

  • Environments management. 

  • Release. 

  • Monitoring. 



What are we looking for? 



As a Software Engineer for one of our retail tribes you should have the following knowledge and experience: 




  • Good coding Skills on all Middleware layer: Java 8/11 

  • Spring (Boot, MVC, CORE, Security, Dependecy Injection). 

  • Microservices: Hexagonal architecture; Patterns (Circuit Breaker, Api Gateway, Service Discovery); Feature Flags. 

  • Design Patterns, SOLID, Clean Code, Software Craftmanship. 

  • Back End & Devops awareness (understand the global architecture / infrastructure). 

  • Testing: Unit Testing (Techniques: White-box/ Black-box, What is a unit?); Type of testing (unit testing, integration and smoke); Junit; Contract Testing; Framework mocks (Mockito, Mockmvc, Wiremock, Powermock). 

  • Maven. 

  • Docker, Openshift or Kubernetes. 

  • Ansible. 

  • Git. 

  • DDD. 

  • CI / CD pipelines. 

  • Devops Skills. 

  • Azure (pipelines). 

  • 5 years of experience on similar technical stack. 

  • Agile team experience with SCRUM or Kanban or XP. 

  • Excellent speaking and writing skills in English is a must. 




  • Retail banking knowledge. 

  • Database migration (Flyway, liquibase). 

  • Prometheus. 

  • Security: JWT, Mutual TLS, Access token. 

  • Jenkins. 

  • BDD. 

  • Reactive programming, futures. 

  • Akka, Scala. 

  • NoSQL knowledge (Cassandra, MongoDB). 

  • Message Brokers (RabbitMQ, Kafka). 

  • Apache Camel. 

  • Automatic testing (Selenium, Cucumber). 

  • Elastic Search, LogStash, Kibana. 

  • Grafana. 

  • Javascript/html/css. 



What do we offer? 


The time you spend at work, the challenges you face or the lessons you get are very important, but… What about your personal life? At ING we want your work to fill you in every way, and that is why we take care of even the smallest detail. 

Check out what is waiting for you! 


Flexible schedule and 100% flexible e-working. 

Work or e-work? We have a totally flexible model: keeping our customers in mind, and also your colleagues, choose the one that best suits you all.


Restaurant card. 

So that thinking about what to have for lunch doesn’t take up your time or your cravings.  


Our house will be your home. 

In our offices you can find electric mobility solutions, doctor, hairdresser, gym, urban orchard, The Good Service (to help you in your arrangements) and much more! 


Life insurance.  

We hope you don't need to use it! 


Health insurance. 

For you and all your family (spouse/partner and children). 


Flexible retribution. 

In addition, you can enjoy our flexible remuneration model, through which you can access other services such as nursery, transport card, training aids… 


Free company shuttle.  

It doesn't matter where you live. We have 6 routes (North, Central, South, A5, A42 and A6) to get you to work comfortably. 


Banking benefits. 

Special loan or mortgage terms after 6 months working at the bank. 

And benefit from our pension plan after 2 years with us. 


More health, more sports. 

Runners club with your own trainer. 

Clinics with professional, world-class athletes. 

Physiotherapy service on site. 


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