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Apple is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to drive and be part of improving, monitoring, and maintaining an infrastructure for a critical and unique customer-facing Apple service. This is a rare opportunity to own the entire end to end infrastructure, along with all supporting components such as logging, metrics, monitoring, deployment and SW development platform, from the beginning within a team with a no-ops culture.

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Key Qualifications
  • 3+ years experience in a DevOPS or SRE role
  • 3+ years experience with modern web-scale systems, especially on the server side of things with experience architecting VIPs and load balancers
  • Proficient in at least one of these languages: Python, Golang, Rust, C++
  • Proficient in using at least 1 of these cloud technologies: Kubernetes, AWS, GCP
  • Experienced with one of: Puppet, Chef, Saltstack, Ansible
  • Experience administrating, deploying, scaling one of: Kafka, InfluxDB, clickhouse, mysql, postgres.
  • Able to write “scripts” in Python, Go or your favorite language to automate necessary tasks, control failover, interface with monitoring systems and such
  • Bonus: advanced network administration and troubleshooting (routing protocols, VLANS, tcpdump, eBPF/xdp.)
  • You're comfortable testing and rolling new kernels, drivers, libraries, OS changes, conMig sync and building the systems to keep servers at an appropriate level and functionality.
  • You're knowledgable running systems for containerised services (docker, kubernetes) and managing how they interact with network & system resources
  • You've implemented and utilized your own metrics (TSDB) and logging platform with a front end such as Grafana
  • Bonus: You’ve implemented a monitoring system with tools like prometheus, alert manager, InfluxDB, pagerduty.
  • You've been responsible for the network, servers, OS and software stack of a production network, 24x7
  • You're comfortable building and operating infrastructure that embraces chaos-engineering. Bonus: You've written that Chaos Monkey service
  • You enjoy analyzing performance, end to end service experience and overall system health. You dig and dig at what initially seems like a small oddity until you determine the root cause, and drive it to resolution if it's a potential issue (regardless of whose problem it is)
  • Bonus: Significant experience in software development and engineering working with services/microservices
You will be a key contributor to building and running a public facing service that customers will rely on every day. You’ll also build and run the infrastructure that powers those services. We’re looking for people who like to solve operational problems using software rather than shell prompts as we scale Apple’s services for customers around the world. Help us build the Apple experience on a global scale!
Education & Experience
Bachelor's degree Computer Science, Electrical or Computer Engineering, or equivalent experience.
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Madrid, Madrid, Spain
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