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The MORElab research group () wishes to open a position in the area of "public/private co-creation of new generation public services around disruptive technologies such as Big Data, Web Blockchain and web service architectures based on microservices and containers". The job position will also be exposed to other scientific/technological disciplines such as Web Data, Crowdsourcing, quality of user-generated data or Artificial Intelligence. This job offer is part of the European project "INTERLINK: Innovating governance and ciTizen co-dEliveRy for the digitaL sINgle market", which begins in January 2021 and will last 36 months, that is, until December 2023. Below is a summary of the INTERLINK project.

INTERLINK will overcome the barriers that hinder administrations to reuse and share services with private partners (including citizens) by combining the advantages of two often opposed approaches: (1) the “top-down” approach where Government holds primary responsibility for creating these services compliant with EU directives, sometimes seeking the support of citizens for specific design or delivery tasks; and (2) the “bottom-up” approach in which citizens self-organize and deliver grassroot services where government plays no active role in day-to-day activities but may provide a facilitating framework.

The candidate will assume a fundamental role in the development of INTERLINK's technical solution, contributing through the MORElab research group to the following two objectives:

  • To provide a set of Interlinkers, digital enablers that will standardize the basic functionalities needed by private actors to co-produce a service, in order to eliminate the technological barriers and foster the delivery of interoperable, inclusive, sustainable and ethical public services.
  • To deliver the INTERLINK framework and operational platform, an open software system leveraging on mobile communications.
  • The candidate, together with the main researcher (PI) of the project from DEUSTO, will be responsible for the following two INTERLINK responsive portal front end Instantiation for the use-cases (M17-M32)

    Furthermore, it is important to highlight that their activity will be exclusively associated with the INTERLINK project and they will contribute with ideas and/or improvement of techniques or methodologies. However, the applicant will also support the PI in the definition of new proposals in the project area. The candidate will:

  • S/he will collaborate in the scientific dissemination of the research team s/he will be enrolled in by publishing in journals of impact and conferences.
  • S/he will be trained and fully aware of the ethical issues involved in his research work and its alignment with the mission, values and organisational principles of the University of Deusto.
  • S/he will have academic support and training to develop her/his skills in order to assume greater responsibilities associated with a higher profile.
  • The specific profile expected of the candidate is as follows:

  • Experience working with state-of-the-art web development technologies combining advanced knowledge of progressive web interfaces (PWA) in the front-end and scalable RESTful services provision in the back-end, supported by the Microservices design pattern.
  • Awareness and scientific-technical interest in the fields of Web Data, Linked Data, Open Data, Crowdsourcing, Social Data Mining, User-generated Data and Big Data Analytics
  • Combine high technical training presented in the previous point with scientific interest in contributing through ICT tools to democratize and improve the adoption of public services open to citizens and businesses.
  • Commitment to the team, autonomy for the execution and management of work in consortium projects, in which the predominant language is English.
  • Proactivity to maximize the results derived from the evaluation of such contributions in the form of publications, standards, which consolidate the technical work and help to improve the scientific and industrial impact.
  • The generic requirements that will be assessed in the position of "Researcher with Advanced Technical Knowledge in Web and Service Architectures" offered are:

  • Previous Open-Source contributions in the creation of tools supported by the Web and Cloud Computing are highly valued.
  • To have generated publications and participation in projects on topics related to INTERLINK. Previous participation in projects, authorship of notable open-source contributions and impact publications if any, and experience in the execution of complex software projects accompanied by extensive validation will be credited.
  • People with the required profile will acquire the role of researcher even without necessarily possessing a doctoral thesis. However, it will the candidate will have the capability of opting to a PhD thesis as result of his/her work in the project in the three years of the contract. Similarly, it is expected that those who apply with a doctoral degree will reinforce the scientific line in the development of innovative solutions based on the Web, Cloud Computing and Big Data.
  • They will work together in this project in a team of 6 people, integrating more junior and senior profiles in the area of "Internet of People", service-oriented software solutions, which combine machine learning techniques with better user interaction and participation in software processes.
  • In summary, the assessment of candidates for incorporation into the project and the research group will follow the following criteria:

  • Previous technical activity:Work experience in the development of highly scalable web solutions in industry or in research projects.Open-source contributions in advanced software tools or portfolio or previous solutions made for the industry.
  • Previous research training: grants, contracts and research stays
  • Advanced knowledge of English
  • [OPTIONAL] Research activityScientific publicationsExecution of contracts and agreed projects.Alignment of research activity with MORElab's strategy (ICT for Good)
  • Other merits:Holds a PhDOpen-Source publications and public dissemination activities (presentations, keynotes, etc.)Concern to explore new fields and materialize new innovative ideasSense of responsibility and teamwork
  • Salary range: 24K euros-35K euros depending on work experience and whether or not you have a doctoral thesis on a subject related to the project and/or proven experience in highly scalable software development, using state-of-the-art web and cloud technologies.

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