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Expert Lead...   Your role and work... You have the responsibility to manage and coordinate the underwriting team when performing manual risk analysis mainly for secured and unsecured applications, following the...

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Expert Lead Underwriting


Your role and work environment

You have the responsibility to manage and coordinate the underwriting team when performing manual risk analysis mainly for secured and unsecured applications, following the ING Risk Policy.


You will be responsible of assuring homogeneous decisions/workload across the underwriting team members, giving your advice in difficult situations and granting operations within your delegated authority. Besides, as a principal part of the Lending process you will understand and manage the part of the process you are involved in, defining as many changes as required to increase the efficiency indicators.


Analytical decisions are required, so you will be responsible to understand, create dashboards and, among others, be accountant of:


  • Main Risk and Collections indicators to propose changes in the Risk Policy, whenever is needed.
  • Be aware on Fraud indicators /policies, stablishing procedures to alert the different stages of the company whenever there is suspected fraud.
  • Understand the process indicators and defining KPIs that optimize all the Risk analysis to be done across the processes.


In your daily work, you will be in permanent contact with Risk, Operations, Business, Collections and Fraud to accomplish business figures within the ING risk appetite.


You are passionate about improving the client experience, thinking out of the box, and as a principal part of the end to end process, taking advantage of the relationship model stablished in the mortgage process.


You and your team are team players. You take care of people of your team, and your team is actively involved in the maintenance, development and realization of (new) services & functionalities. As an expert, you will deliver all the necessary know-how and skills within the Squads to realize the shared Tribe purpose.


You are also a member of a team where you work on your team craftsmanship







Your key responsibilities


  • Manage and coordinate the manual risk analysis (secured and unsecured)
  • Help your team to take decisions under your delegated authorities
  • Assure an homogeneous delivery of tasks within your team members, as well as homogeneous decision making
  • Create a feedback atmosphere with Risk Department to improve the risk policies, proposing changes, define new procedures to optimize the job to be done as well as maintain the decisions within the stablished Risk Appetite
  • Join the dots capacity, be able to understand business, collections, operations and risk figures, to take the best decision. Have analytical skills and takes decisions based on data and facts. You are a pro-active thinker
  • You understand the business squads strategy, and think and collaborate with them on different ways to implement improvements
  • Help your team to develop and reinforce the personal accountability spirit.
  • You work closely with colleagues across ING Spain & Maggie to deliver results under challenging timelines.
  • You share the responsibility to provide a differentiating experience for ING’s customers at optimal value and profitability for ING.
  • You deeply understand the manual analysis, and monitor closely the applicants, their procedure, the KPIs, identify bottle necks, so you can anticipate capacity plans.
  • You work closely with other stakeholders involved in the mortgage/ consumer loans processes (assisted channels, digital, business and operations among others)
  • You are able to lead complex programs, setting clear roadmaps and solving impediments.
  • Work all the needed stakeholders (Legal, Compliance, Risks, etc.), to make sure our products and services comply with regulation and policies
  • Are creative and an out-of-the box thinker who likes to work in a multidisciplinary team in an agile environment




We are looking for


A leader of our Orange Code culture displaying the following behaviors:


  • You contribute to the ING One Agile Way of Working and safeguard the Orange Code
  • Able to assume personal responsibility and address customer needs. Focus is not on individual customers, but on the customer as a target group. You know what is going on with the customer, put yourself in customers' shoes, assess the wishes and needs of customers and anticipate on this.
  • Problem analysis and judgement: Recognize key information, problem identification, research, various methods of analysis, establishment of connections and anticipation are key to your job. Strong analytical skills and a healthy level of curiosity are therefore vital.
  • Stay on top of trends and developments within their field and the market. Aside from that, it is of crucial importance to have knowledge of the customer's business and banking processes (above all, banking processes related to Risk-Fraud). Integrate acquired knowledge into performance of tasks.
  • Desirable thinking in strategic terms. Based on professional expertise, a link is established between current events and business strategy and a long-term vision.
  • Initiative needed in, for example, improving products, processes and channel policies. Ensuring that creative ideas are also implemented.
  • You give and ask for constructive feedback.


By fulfilling the Underwriting Manager role:


  • You actively contribute to maintain the Risk Appetite within the boundaries defined
  • You actively support and work with colleagues from your and other areas to ensure all solutions and processes are compliant and fit-for-purpose.
  • You monitor closely risk assessment along the process, assuring an excellent client experience.
  • You follow the work of your team, finding any possible deviation/misunderstanding
  • You can understand the Agile Way of Working for service areas and propose ideas to improve the current model implemented.
  • You can simplify solutions and processes and tell the story clearly to various international stakeholders.
  • You apply your experience in the fast-changing context of transformation to achieve results.
  • You ensure compliance with ING’s policies and standards.
  • You stimulate cross-border interaction and alignment between people, Tribes, Squads, Chapters, Expert Areas, Circles etc..




Proven track record and technical skills

  • Master or bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 5 years of experience managing teams.
  • Underwriting, secured & unsecured, management experience a minimum of 5 years
  • Mortgage and Consumer loans process knowledge is a must
  • Point of Sales management experience will be well considered
  • Analytical mindset, and ability to elaborate new reports to improve the service
  • Driven and customer focused, loving to collaborate with different people.
  • Proven program management, planning & organizational skills.
  • Negotiation and stakeholder management.
  • Clear communications skills (written and oral).
  • Passionate about innovation and new market trends.
  • Able to work in an autonomous way and to take initiative.
  • Making things happen thanks to your ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Problem solving mindset, with ability to challenge the status quo and identify improvement initiatives
  • Team player and good abilities to develop-coach people.
  • Excellent oral and written English skills.
  • Ability to work on an international level.
  • Versatility, experience in several business domains is a plus.

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