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Business Development Internship at Studentjob en Amsterdam (Países Bajos) en Madrid

Case Study Sales Internship

Lo que vas a hacer

Case 1:

  • How would you go about finding the right
  • business contact?

Firstly, I would search it in our customer database or previous reports because, maybe StudentJob has previously contacted H&M.

In the case that there was no previous contact, I would search in social media or other internet platforms. On internet I would start searching who is the person in charge of of the customers and then when I get to know the person, I would search on Linkedin for his/her profile and I would try to contact him/her.

If after this procedure I were not able to find the person, I would try to find the email contact and phone numbers that H&M use, and then I would attempt to write to every electronic mail and call each of the phone numbers until I could find the person in charge of the customers.

  • You found the right name: how would you go about getting in contact?

I would text him/her via Linkedin or send him/her an electronic mail and I would explain the situation by which I send the email and what I need from his/her company. If I only find a number phone I would call to H&M to explain the reason.

Case 2:

  • "We have to recruit a constant number of young waiters/waitresses, all year long. How can StudentJob help us to find new talents?"

The first thing that I would do, it would be to ask to Mr. Schimb about the job requirements and what he offers.

Secondly I woud write an offer in StudntJob platform with all of the information that the people need. Above all, I will clarify the requirements of the offer and if it is possible I would ask for a motivation and description from the direct manager in order to find people to have ilusion and want to work in this section.

When the deadline is open, I would try to look at all the CVs that I had received in StudentJob and I would do a list of the applicants that they are better for this job depends of way of being and the CV. I would make an event where all the candidates interested can join and maybe prepare some group dynamics to test how they behave working in teams and in what there would be their daily situation. Then of this, with this data, I would make an another shortlist with the finalists for the job and I make a videocall with each of them or if is possible I do a face to face interview. With this selection I could decide who will work for LOTTI.

Case 3:

  • How can you turn the dissatisfaction into satisfaction?

To begin with to change the insatisfy, I would talk with the company "Move2Change" to see if we can change the offer requirements or the offer conditions, since it could be one of the reasons why the people is not applying for this job.

Later, I would try to modify the offer after studying why other previous offers have better worked tan this last one. I would try to change the new offer from Move2Change to attracts more attention for the applicants and to get more people.

Finally, I would upload the new update offer and I would try to position this job on the top and I would wait for about 3 days to see if the modified job offer is working properly.

Case 4:

  • How would you react to this email?
  • What would you offer them?

To start, I would read slowly the message, when I finish to read, I woud ask the person that is my supervisor and I would follow the steps than he/she told me. Then, I would see if I have any doubt about the agency need it or the offer, and if it is yes, I would write to the agency and I would ask everything that I do not know, and if it is not, I would answer with: ok, I can help you, and I go to make differents designs to present the offer job.

To continue, I would try to make the offer for the person who works in the publicity agency to like it and to get the most suitable staff for these places, and I would try to make a very good offer, since I know that my client has that need.

When finally I know clearly what I want to write, I would make 3 differents designs for the publicity agency and I would send it an e –mail with my budget per month and the total time I would require.

They could choose the design that they want or if they do not like any of the designs or they disagree with the budget, it is not a problem, they can tell me and we could reach an agreement.

I think it is better if I offer the design first than I offer the budget, because if they like some design, they could choose my company and then we can together arrange a budget that satisfy both parts.

Adriana Pérez Salmerón.

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