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This is... A team of more than one thousand people sharing an idea: creating the bank of the future for more than six million customers in 4 different countries, based on a state-of-the-art digital platform. In today’s world, we...

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This is Us

A team of more than one thousand people sharing an idea: creating the bank of the future for more than six million customers in 4 different countries, based on a state-of-the-art digital platform.

In today’s world, we know this happens because we are a fully online bank. We were born out of that idea and 20 years on, technology, simplicity and transparency continue to be the ingredients of the recipe that leaves the best taste in our mouths: being more than just a bank, someone useful in the lives of the millions of clients who have chosen us.

The way we do things also mirrors our eagerness to innovate. We are proud to be one of the very first banks to work with agile methodologies. It doesn’t ring a bell yet? No worries, we will be delighted to tell you all about it. You will find it’s one of those things you’ll want to repeat over and over.

And although we are based in Spain, we like to cross borders. We are lucky to work with international teams every day across 4 countries, composed of women and men as equal as they are diverse. Because here you are completely free to be who you want to be, love whomever you choose, and even go for pineapple as your pizza topping.

Making things happen, helping others be successful, always being one step ahead—that’s our DNA. If you look at yourself in the mirror and your reflection matches our way of being and working…we are looking forward to meeting you!


Your role and work environment

As Country Deployment Expert Team Lead you provide expertise on need to know basis in order to help deliver complex business demand by Squads and Tribes. You help Expert team members to become successful in their professional career by coaching them on their craftmanship. Further you work yourself in the delivery organization as Expert member on the area of expertise. Where needed you help by assigning professionals with strong analytical capabilities towards the right demand within Tribes/Squads for specific temporally expertise.

As Expert Lead, reporting to Country Deployment and Migration Assurance CoE Lead, you share the collective responsibility to improve ING’s performance and identify opportunities to better serve both our colleagues as our customers across countries. You are also individually accountable to create and guide the culture within your expert team towards Maggie’s purpose, through the leverage of relevant expertise and collaboration with the Tribes and Squads of Maggie at different locations. You have an eye on the long-term perspective on how the expert team should move to the Delivery organization where you continuously develop craftsmanship (through training, coaching, standards etc.) This is done within your Expert team but mainly by bringing this knowledge to the Tribes and Squads with the purpose to make them more end to end.


Your key responsibilities

As a Country Deployment Expert Lead in Maggie you:

  • Define, drive, implement and project manage specific objectives that allow implementation of improvements in country deployment area, taking account of both customer and internal view
  • Identify and analyze key gaps related to deployment and drive improvement roadmap within team and ensure closure of gaps facilitating the tribes to execute where required.
  • Set up tracking and monitoring to enable efficient delivery of these improvements
  • Ensure buy-in for changes and improvements
  • Communication: effective communication of value of deployment migration and assurance within Maggie and external (country stakeholders)
  • Adhere to a top-notch transformation team that manages transformation across countries especially the circles, support functions and cross-country tribes in scope
    • Manage risks and resolves issues that affect release scope, schedule and quality
    • Conduct Transformation Readiness reviews, Milestone Reviews, and Business Go/No-Go reviews.
    • Conduct people readiness review for the craftsmanship for the Expert Team members and possible members in country.
  • Keep stakeholders and Maggie Teams per tribe engaged, aware of the changes and local business impacts.
    • Manage relationships and coordinate work between different teams at different locations.
  • Drive change, act as arbitrator and facilitator between different priorities and viewpoints across organization
  • Lead in diagnosing problems in the change and planning and provide solutions by
    • Designing and implementing Impact Analysis based on Process Framework
    • Designing and implementing Impact the training strategy for trainers in the countries.
    • Designing and implementing Model Office across operations, retail, kiosks, during the MOT phase.
    • Ensuring the operational readiness in the countries by supporting various streams and departments.
    • Participating in the cut over with key focus on people readiness in circles and support functions.
  • Apply Maggie Transformation approach seamlessly and well-integrated with the Local plans.
  • Ensure coordination & engagement of all partners, vendors, test teams, internal users and delivery teams on each deployment stimulating interaction between people, CoEs, squads and chapters within and outside CoE
  • Ensuring correct deployment reporting is carried out according to communication guidelines and metrics captured.
  • Strengthen the “One Agile Way of Working” while safeguarding the Orange Code.
  • Create and maintain the new cross-cultural collaboration by creating awareness and understanding, leveraging on diversity and by communicating effectively.
  • Effectively manage the transition of your employees and squads within your team.
  • Support the development and craftsmanship of your team.


We are looking for

 A leader of our Orange Code culture displaying the following behaviors:

  • Ability to display style flexibility to teams and adapt plan, approach and behavior to the different needs and situations.
  • Ability to emphasize with different stakeholder while driving results, deliverables and value for Maggie
  • Ability to implement new methodologies without constricting delivery process
  • Strong organizational sensitivity; ability to understand and take into account the underlying issues, opportunities and dynamics of an organization.
  • Ability to take responsibility, steer strategy implementation based on facts and data; managerial courage to question and make decisions.
  • Focus on delivery through collaboration, ability to bring people together to work towards the same purpose.
  • Ability to empower teams to act autonomously, think out of the box and hold them accountable.
  • Ability to simplify complexity and drive operational excellence.
  • Ability to support yourself and other team members in development.
  • Ability to work as a coach, e.g. act as a coach for senior management or board members.
  • Strong resilience; ability to navigate through ambiguity.
  • Ability to have impact through inspiring and energetic leadership that leads teams through change.


Proven track record and technical skills

  • University degree.
  • 5–10 years’ professional experience at management level, experience/affinity within the Coaching area (Agile and PACE) is a plus.
  • Proven experience in strategic projects with high impact, preferably working in global multicultural environment in cross-function transformation programs
  • Strong assertive communication skills. Able to clearly and effectively communicate ideas and solutions to stakeholders
  • Excellent oral and written English skills.
  • Ability to work on an international level.


What do we offer?

Flexible schedule.

What goes on at ING matters much to us. But we know that the most important things are outside the office.

Free meals.

So that thinking about what to have for lunch doesn’t take up your time or your cravings.  

Life and health insurance.

For you and all your family (spouse/partner and children).

Free company shuttle.

We take you from Madrid city center to our offices at Las Rozas (and back!)

Banking benefits.

Special loan or mortgage terms after 6 months working at the bank.

And benefit from our pension plan after 2 years with us.

More health, more sports.

Paddle tennis court and lessons available to you

Runners club with your own trainer

Clinics with professional, world-class athletes

Physiotherapy service on site

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